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Dr. Freeman

My pediatric dental practice is unique in its approach to treating infants, children, and teenagers. In addition, treatment recommendations are individualized for each child based on his or her personality and ability to cooperate at a given age.

Starting dental exams at one year of age and every six months after that first visit allows a young child to become familiar with dentistry in a consistent and friendly environment.

This allows a rational and objective evaluation of a child’s ability to cooperate, should a treatment need arise. These early visits also allow the creation of a parentally involved preventive strategy that can allow a child to grow up free of dental diseases.

Regular dental visits allow an ongoing evaluation of a child’s growth and development. A child’s oral and facial growth pattern is well established by three years of age. When a growth or bite problem exists, interceptive orthodontic procedures can be initiated shortly after the eruption of the first permanent teeth.

This coincides with what is typically a period of maximum cooperation in children and can reduce the complexity of later comprehensive orthodontic procedures, as well as shortening treatment time during the more challenging teen years.

My goal as a pediatric dentist and hopefully yours as parents, is to give your children the gift of entering adulthood without dental decay or gum disease and a great smile.

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