Boise Pediatric Dentistry – Dr. Scott Freeman

Accepting new infant, child, and adolescent patients!

Welcome to the practice of Pediatric Dentist Scott Freeman, DMD.

If you are looking for a fun, relaxing, and safe dental experience for your kids; the practice of Dr. Freeman is the place for your family. We provide personalized dentistry services for children and adolescents in a warm, caring, and kid-friendly environment.

Dr. Freeman is uniquely qualified to serve the dental needs of each and every child, and leads our team in creating the kind of good time that they’ll talk about at school. Our young patients never want to leave. When they do leave, they’re already talking about their next visit.

When it comes to preventative care, our enthusiastic and gentle team goes above and beyond. Partnering with you and your children, we strive to foster—from an early age—a love for oral care. Our primary goal is helping children establish healthy habits that last a lifetime. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve your family!

Our office is located at 6363 Emerald #101, Boise, ID.

We Personalize Care to Kids and Teens
Making a Trip To the Dentist Safe and Fun!

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Kids look forward to their visits with us, and parents love happy, cooperative kids! So, it’s a win-win. What’s more? Parents trust us and value our practice because of the extensive ways in which we provide for their children. Here are the specifics on Dr. Freeman:

  • On staff at St. Luke’s Hospital
  • On staff at St. Alphonsus Hospital
  • Pediatric Dental Instructor at Idaho State University Meridian Dental Residency
  • Over 20 years of experience with children
  • Individualized treatment approach for each patient, based on age and temperament.

Complete Preventative Care

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We are a preventative-based practice. We believe that an ounce of prevention now will go a long way towards eliminating greater and more expensive problems in the future.

Dr. Freeman uses procedures and important dental treatments that assist in halting the progression of decay and disease. Our highest priority is to promote, restore, and help you and your children maintain excellent oral health.


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Rather than coordinating orthodontic treatments and appointments with a separate dental office, you can sit back and indulge in the simple, convenient advantage we offer of comprehensive pediatric dental services, including orthodontics, all in our beautiful Boise, ID location.

Continually employing cutting-edge technology in each procedure, Dr. Freeman and our friendly team are passionate about straightening smiles with a personal touch.

Early Childhood Tooth Decay

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Our mission is to create a passion for good oral hygiene and visits to the dentist within each child we see. As part of your children’s dental health team, we seek to assist in establishing healthy patterns that can last a lifetime and significantly contribute to the health of their teeth.

In addition to maintaining healthy habits at home, regular cleanings in our office will prevent early childhood tooth decay and lead to optimal oral health.

If these questions sound familiar, or you’d like to discuss other topics with Dr. Freeman, please call to schedule an appointment today!

“I think I see decay on my two year old daughter’s teeth. How can you work on a child that young?“

“My child fell last week. Now his tooth is darkening. What should I do?“

“My 18 month old son is uncooperative in new situations. Should I wait for his first dental visit?“

“My six year old’s teeth don’t look right. Permanent teeth are coming in and the baby teeth are still there. Can something be done?“

“My five year old has cavities. How can we prevent them in the future?“

“My teen is telling me that she would like her teeth to look better. They look dark and irregular to me.What can be done?“